“A Horrible Dream”

“I have to finish it by today, no more delay,” I said to myself. I took five bold steps from my bed to the table. And I felt like I was actually marching towards the battlefield with great agony. I noticed the book which was wide open, page no-166, in the same state as I had kept before the nap. So, I took the pen from the table, advanced my hand towards the book, and immediately took it back shockingly. I pronounced, “ Oh! My God, it is a live wire.”


I realized I was not holding a pen, rather it was a 9*19 mm handgun with an electric field proximity sensor.

“Live wire ahead sir, zero visibility, subject not in range, over.”

“Any casualties? over.”

“No sir, over.”

“What’s the code word?”, someone shouted at me.


There was an M16 assault rifle placed in my head; I was shot dead. I jumped from my bed.


Lesson learnt: Don’t go to the battlefield without knowing the code word.

What’s the code word that I got in my dream?

The code word is:

You have to point your gun to your own head and say KHUL JAA SIM SIM. It is a popular magical phrase from the story of “Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves”, to open the mouth of a cave. So, It means to open something.


Now the question is why I was asked to point the gun in the head, as a code. It actually means to OPEN UP your own mind, in order to enter the forbidden line.

A forbidden line is a line which separates us from books at psychological levels.
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