APARAJITA: The Warrior

Breaths given by GOD are very precious for every human. Don’t waste them in choking because of someone else’s complex thinking, don’t burn your dreams in gas fire, don’t think you are ugly and weak because of someone else’s comments. You are strong and beautiful in every manner.

War cry in the Womb



In a small village of Himachal Pradesh, a very simple family living on Dhauladhar’s lap covered with white pearls, green herbs, decorated with sky touching peaks and rosy cheeks, making a sound of running rivers and loud giggles everywhere.

She announced a WAR CRY in the womb. Yes, she announced a war cry with social animals, which are no longer social. Footsteps of a man in a white coat had created an atmosphere of peace.

He murmured, “GIRL”. Father is upset, Dadi maa is angry, Dada ji is silent and everyone is murmuring, “Again girl? How they will adhere three-three tensions.

But someone is happy and busy in making plans for her angel. Any guesses who is she? Yes, you are absolutely right! She is a mother.

Suddenly a voice rose from the corner of a room, “We should abort her”.

But mother “Pratham Guru of a child” stood up for her angel and she saved her diamond.

She used to talk to her angel everyday and she responds to her mother with cute kicks. That auspicious day came. Time to cheers and burn candles. Mother is crying. Tears of joy are more valuable than a pearl.

She held her with care and little fear. She decided to make her angel “A warrior” who will never lose and named her “Aparajita”.

Time to Fight for Right

Fight for Right

Now Aparajita has grown up. She is a very beautiful girl with full of confidence in her eyes, charming personality and yes she is a very intelligent girl.

She is ready to start her new life with new friends. As a result of her parent’s blessings and her hard work, she is selected in a very good college.

The first day of college was full of Excitement and fun with new friends. She introduced herself with full confidence. But at the same time, she was unaware about the coming tomorrow.

On the sixth day of college, a voice was following her from last five minutes, she turned to answer. Confidently and bravely she suppressed the voice. But as the time goes by,

she became shy, scared and helpless. She lost her confidence, strength, charm, and peace.

Is this her destiny, result of her mother’s sacrifices and values? No, this is not the end. She regained her confidence, charm, and strength to demolish the evil side of a human.

Learn to say no more to 3 C’s

No more COMPROMISES with dreams”

“No more COMMENTS on color, figure, lifestyle and dreams.”

“No more COMPLEXITY in life”.

“Every stage of life brings a new challenge with it.

But it depends upon us whether to fight or quit.”



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6 thoughts on “APARAJITA: The Warrior

  1. Bitter truth of the society. We need more Aparajita. Believe me when a girl or woman is brave and confident no one can dare to face her. She is worshiped as the Godess of power. Awesome writeup.

  2. Very beautifully said Deepali every girl should know their worth and the sacrifices and efforts made by their mother to bring them up, truly all girls are warriors on their own way

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