6:35, John’s cafe Things are not going well…and this time I’m really sure about that! This..this was not meant between us…I had never expected things would turn out like this..the more we discuss on this..the worst it becomes.   We had decided to meet today at the John’s Café at 6:30 in the evening. It […]

Dating “YOU”

Ever fell in circumstances where you… Doubted your confidence and ability in you?? Cursed yourself to be better infront of others?? Compared with others and felt crap for yourself?? Questioned self-existence when low??   Well in such cases how about we talk about it…about you…YEAH RIGHT NOW!!!   OK JUZZ SAY IT STRAIGHTFORWARD WHAT’S THE […]

Decoding The Hirani Characters

We all have enjoyed watching Rajkumar Hirani’s films repetitively. The magic he creates when he locks himself in a room for hours and then writes the script is awesome. What makes us so attracted to his script and characters such as Munna Bhai, Rancho, P.K and now lately with his Sanju? Let’s unravel the traits […]

That Concept Called Love

Love has been around humans for centuries…some are blessed with it, some are confused, some are still bruised up and some have no idea about it! Apart from those adolescent shy ones to the happily-committed cases, there is still a huge chunk of the population that actually has no idea what is this weird conceptualization […]

The Idea of Acceptance

Every person has some or the other issue that they might be dealing with right now. It can be anything – your game’s not improving, your fat’s not getting off your love handles, your scores are not getting better, things with you and your partner are not going well these days, your business or ideas […]

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