Gossamer Wings

I wish I had a Pair of gossamer wings, I would then fly high in the Fair cloudless sky in rings. I would drag myself From clueless to truth, I would turn my dreams From surreal to real, I would tame the balmy breeze From soft to soothing. I wish I had a Pair of […]


I am a Lonestar, I want to disguise myself In the vastness of the sky. Hide in the crowd of people, Just like a star hides itself Among millions of stars. I am a Lonestar, Want to stay with my loneliness. Tired of this world’s hustle bustle, Want to love my loneliness And not the […]

Selfless LOVE

All through these years, You two have selflessly Painted my life. Now it’s time for me To paint the picture of you two In my canvas. You held my trembling hands When I was a kid, Told me with a smiling face What’s wrong and what’s right. That trembling hand is now ready To paint […]

Laughing Faces

I find laughing faces everywhere. Some with contentment Some to hide their tears. Here and there laughter heard, The sound echoes in my ear. For I forgot what it sounds like, It’s been years I haven’t heard mine. Hatred and jealousy surrounded me, Which took my innocence away. Now it was the turn of love, […]

Sleep Forever

I want to sleep forever, To forget the pain. The pain that I embraced, But with no gain. You have shattered my heart, To the smallest bits. Your shadow still follows me, To the deepest pits. The empty space is still there, Where your love existed. But you played with my heart, Wristed and twisted. […]

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