“Am I looking way too fat? Would you love me the same way even if I become hefty?” Bewildered she is.. Her constant queries like these makes him giggle.. She had put on some, but he never makes it evident.. He’s aware, she sees herself through his eyes, & that his words will matter her […]

The Worth

“TheWorth” The 24hours long argument, Wondering if she gave him a mammoth punishment..? Some practical life-lessons are mandatory, For us to know “The Worth”, it’s necessary.. Difficult it was to keep him away, All she wanted was for him to stay.. The best part of the fight is when it ends, When everything apart from […]


Bliss….  When, She’s constantly chasing, yelling and driving you nuts.. And, Ain’t listening to any of your ifs and buts.. She’s deeply in love with you and cares the most, Or else she wouldn’t give any damn, first and foremost..   When, She’s constantly worried about you, and asking you queries.. And, Treats you as […]

A Boon

Boon.. is when you open your eyes, & have a “Good-Morning” text from them, It is a perfect start for your day, what a gem! To make sure they don’t miss you, You always share some pictures, may be quiet a few.. And also, video calling once in a while, The distance between them is […]


A magical play of the cards; Whether or not he’s TheOne whom her heart guards? “You can’t trust him, he’s not an open book”, read the card first.. She was shaken & was unable to control her outburst. Blubbering like a child, Awestruck & heartbroken, she promptly disagreed.. “This isn’t true, he shares all his […]


Love, isn’t just about saying you do, instead to live like you’re one soul, & not two! A simple text message & he will sense her mood, whether or not she had her food.. Taking care of her in her lows, his affection & concern, it all shows.. He implies zero restrictions, but any freedom has certain directions, […]

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