A Boon

Boon.. is when you open your eyes, & have a “Good-Morning” text from them, It is a perfect start for your day, what a gem! To make sure they don’t miss you, You always share some pictures, may be quiet a few.. And also, video calling once in a while, The distance between them is […]


A magical play of the cards; Whether or not he’s TheOne whom her heart guards? “You can’t trust him, he’s not an open book”, read the card first.. She was shaken & was unable to control her outburst. Blubbering like a child, Awestruck & heartbroken, she promptly disagreed.. “This isn’t true, he shares all his […]


Love, isn’t just about saying you do, instead to live like you’re one soul, & not two! A simple text message & he will sense her mood, whether or not she had her food.. Taking care of her in her lows, his affection & concern, it all shows.. He implies zero restrictions, but any freedom has certain directions, […]

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