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In The Silent Dark World…

The world around me has gone silent and I could sense nothing but lying alone in the dark, no one around me, and the silence was as if it was comforting me from all the bitter experiences. Something was about to happen but I don’t know what? I have never experienced the silence like this […]

My Hair Colour Journey

They say, “Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”  From natural to burgundy to ash blonde highlights, I’ve invested a lot in my hair too. My natural hair is black brown and glossy that’s why I never really thought of changing my hair colour for almost 20 years. I could […]

The Right Path

It’s all right. It’s not a dead-end. It’s a new beginning of something. It’s Monday after all and a brand new month too. There hasn’t been some serious driving force for you to motivate, but did you find it within your own self? No. You didn’t. So do that, do that now! When you started […]

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