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The Vermilion Story

Finally!!!! My first blog post and I’m super excited about this one. Coming back to the blog post. Lately, I’ve been crushing over the colour vermilion and this blog post is all about that.Talking about this particular outfit, it’s plain yet classy. The vibrant colour just makes your day joyful. I chose to accessorize it […]


I am a Lonestar, I want to disguise myself In the vastness of the sky. Hide in the crowd of people, Just like a star hides itself Among millions of stars. I am a Lonestar, Want to stay with my loneliness. Tired of this world’s hustle bustle, Want to love my loneliness And not the […]

Get Up Destiny Is Calling!

 On a charming sunny day, the sun shines showering its slender saffron light on earth. The rays enter my room through a transparent window pane incident directly on my eyes. Through my closed eyes could sense the darkness replaced by saffron light, irritating me and I wake up to pull the curtain, covering the window […]


6:35, John’s cafe Things are not going well…and this time I’m really sure about that! This..this was not meant between us…I had never expected things would turn out like this..the more we discuss on this..the worst it becomes.   We had decided to meet today at the John’s Café at 6:30 in the evening. It […]

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