The Right Path

It’s all right. It’s not a dead-end. It’s a new beginning of something. It’s Monday after all and a brand new month too. There hasn’t been some serious driving force for you to motivate, but did you find it within your own self? No. You didn’t. So do that, do that now! When you started […]

Get Up Destiny Is Calling!

 On a charming sunny day, the sun shines showering its slender saffron light on earth. The rays enter my room through a transparent window pane incident directly on my eyes. Through my closed eyes could sense the darkness replaced by saffron light, irritating me and I wake up to pull the curtain, covering the window […]


There is a manual for everything in this world, for every object. (mobiles, bikes, cars), for us to learn how to use it better and make it last longer. For an example, in an aeroplane, the most essential checked thing is the petrol. It’s just an element but it is the food for the engine, […]

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