I am a Lonestar, I want to disguise myself In the vastness of the sky. Hide in the crowd of people, Just like a star hides itself Among millions of stars. I am a Lonestar, Want to stay with my loneliness. Tired of this world’s hustle bustle, Want to love my loneliness And not the […]

Selfless LOVE

All through these years, You two have selflessly Painted my life. Now it’s time for me To paint the picture of you two In my canvas. You held my trembling hands When I was a kid, Told me with a smiling face What’s wrong and what’s right. That trembling hand is now ready To paint […]

Shady Thoughts

I wasn’t born a murderer From my mother’s womb of course But things got me to terror For I had death to host The days as a child were beautiful Filled with joy and awe I agree! But as I grew up in the terror era The misfortune did they see! My mother, my guardian […]

Continuous Search

They say “Life is what you make it” either dull or lit Mixed between happiness Sadness or madness It is still the life we have to live To its rightness of joy. doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or just a boy. Since it is a constant search day by day in dull moments, hoping […]

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