“Am I looking way too fat? Would you love me the same way even if I become hefty?” Bewildered she is.. Her constant queries like these makes him giggle.. She had put on some, but he never makes it evident.. He’s aware, she sees herself through his eyes, & that his words will matter her […]

In The Silent Dark World…

The world around me has gone silent and I could sense nothing but lying alone in the dark, no one around me, and the silence was as if it was comforting me from all the bitter experiences. Something was about to happen but I don’t know what? I have never experienced the silence like this […]

My First Mistake

I had read somewhere that once you start learning from your mistakes, they aren’t called mistakes anymore…. They turn into life lessons. Boy, do I have some lessons to impart to you people? I’ll tell you about my first love. I was 18, fresh out of school and thrusted into the college of medical science. […]

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