Dating Yourself

Dating “YOU”

Ever fell in circumstances where you…

Doubted your confidence and ability in you??

Cursed yourself to be better infront of others??

Compared with others and felt crap for yourself??

Questioned self-existence when low??


Well in such cases how about we talk about it…about you…YEAH RIGHT NOW!!!





You are that idiotic moron that treat yourself like a worthless pig. You do not care what YOU care for, what YOU actually want, understand the YOU in you. Actually you don’t deserve to own YOU when you had questioned YOURSELF.


Date YOUrself for a while! Below are some simple things that you usually do for your guy/girl when you are in a relationship…now it’s time to do it for YOU! (so simply consider YOU as your date partner)

1.Understanding You

Try to get you…why are YOU like this..why are YOU obsessed with only some things, why YOU dislike certain things, why YOU act in such ways, why YOUr POV on some things are different than others. And accept the fact that it’s absolutely alright to be weird unless and until it doesn’t harm YOU or others in any way. Please please don’t bend yourself for others for your shape of personality is unique!


2. Owning disgraces of YOU

You pretty much suck in some of the work or in some activities. So what…own it! You might be super awesome in some of the other things. Each person has been set with his/her super-spot. All it takes it to find that out in life.

Incase the ‘sucking activity’ is unavoidable for you, just adapt to get up or stay afloat; don’t you fucking give up and drown yourself!


3. Protecting YOU

Brother Protecting Sister

There are some assholes who simply or deliberately like cursing, restricting, shaming you. They are mean, jealous and filthy and narrow minded people. So what do you do?

Be the nice lad and just listen..let fate take care of it? Hell yeah! Idiots..all of you who thought of that idea!

Let’s just accept the fact that most of the society comprises of such people. They bark…you keep your patience and be silent. But then they still keep on pestering you, bark back and snap off their jaws. Protect whatever it takes to be free from them. But always keep this thing in mind that a person becomes more mature when he keeps his calm to his maximum and not let others affect his thoughts.


4. Choosing things for YOU

Many of us get indulged in so many activities that your schedules get cluttered and we mess it up and scold OURSELVES for it.

You have been designed to do things which are lesser in number. Choose activities or works that is really beneficial or effective in the long run…keep some things apart for some time. Eg: Keep your game practices low when exams are near.

It’s all about giving preferences to things that you want to do. And the lesser; the better! It’s okay to say NO and lose some things in life. That way atleast you won’t lose YOU!


5. Surprising YOU


Who doesn’t love surprises? It’s a small ray of hope that life can still be beautiful for you when you have your dull work/study days.

Surprise yourself with some outings, meetings with your favourite people, nightouts with your bffs, movie watching, binge watching series or reading books. Go…just go and surprise yourself; YOU truly deserve it!!

And Christopher McCandless’ quote so goes with this situation- “Happiness is only real when shared.


6. Treating YOU

It’s love…a ride of highs and lows. If you love YOU in highs then learn to take care of YOU in its lows.

Period cramps, study frustrations, mood swings, tiring day…just go and do/get whatever makes YOU happy! Be it music, chocolates, your favourite food from mom, talking with friends or family, playing games, hugging someone, trecking or simply roaming in streets. Give time for YOU to get back in track again.


7. Watching the younger YOU


Ever watched your childhood photos in a while. If not… Go right now. Watch the innocence in YOU eyes, remember the wonderful stories that your parents told of YOU, watch how your parents held you in their hands cherishing YOU prescence, the mischiefs that YOU did, the toys that YOU had. Don’t let that baby sleep.. keep that baby alive! The baby energises YOU..lets know the real YOU!

Trust me, this lets you know how special YOU are to you..



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