Decoding The Hirani Characters

We all have enjoyed watching Rajkumar Hirani’s films repetitively. The magic he creates when he locks himself in a room for hours and then writes the script is awesome. What makes us so attracted to his script and characters such as Munna Bhai, Rancho, P.K and now lately with his Sanju? Let’s unravel the traits that his characters carry in common….

 1.Reverse Character Sketches

Rajkumar Hirani

Ever wondered what makes great personalities stand out from ordinary humans… They act, think and observe differently. Still need a clearer picture? Ok!

If I suggest a don to you randomly, you all will picture a dark childhood, fights and a tough hero. Munna Bhai here just fickled with your minds!

Or say whenever I would suggest a brilliant person, you will come up plotting a nerd person with struggles in his work/studies. Ranchoddas plays almost the opposite.

Alien invasion always has been a mayday call for the humans but here P.K just finds a way straight to our hearts.

Stay weird and different…don’t forget that even the sociopathic Sherlock (series one)/Steve Jobs won our hearts!!

 2.The Demeanour Theory

We humans carry with this universal funda while dealing with people…if you are good then I’m good but if you’re bad then so will be me!

Munna outpours his love from Circuit to the hospital cleaner. So does Rancho with his Raju and Farhan. Pk writes off his whole world to Jaggu and Bhairao Singh (Sanjay Dutt).

But here Hirani adds the twist..tu Shaana toh me dedh Shaana! Hirani advises us that our world is filled with greedy, envying, self-benefitting people so staying cunning instead of expressing anger is the best way for survival. Munna handles the doctor/businessman with such wittiness. Even the dexterous Virus can’t get a hold at Rancho’s mischiefs. Pk well executes the firki of the self-proclaimed Guru with Jaggu.


Every successful person carries the principles of their mentors. The mentor ranges from person to books or even a plot character.

Munna Bhai carries the Bapu’s principles to solve the problems. Rancho on the other hand trusts his heart, free will, and excellence chasing as his set of mentor kit. PK considers ‘observance’ as his mentor. After having a detailed observance on dancing cars, religion varsity, hand language transfer, worship business he interprets what’s right and wrong and then acts out accordingly.

Set your own principles and follow up a mentor in your life.

 4.Not Everyone Gets Them

While many characters in the film get what the hero is up to, there come some exceptions that simply cannot accept them and defy their principles. Some eventually understand them but some don’t (to which they simply don’t give a fuck!). Some examples can be..

– The Jimmy Shergill characters in Munna Bhai (cancer guy/cash lost depressed son)

– Silencer from 3 idiots

– Jaggu’s father from P.K

To them, this Steve Jobs’ quote gives a befitting reply.

You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things!

 5.The Secret Emotions


While many fall under the impression these characters might be the strong ones to survive in the society, well you’re wrong. They too are humans like us and they too carry the sad part or say commit mistakes just like us. Munna fails to be a good son to his parents’ eyes, Rancho stains his moral image when he gets caught red-handed by the principal, PK loses his beloved Bhairao in a bomb blast.

Even then these three get up and fight back their problems..they don’t let it make a big fuss and discourage themselves. We all sit there thinking how could this happen to us whereas they are already on their way to render solutions. And it’s absolutely okay to fail sometimes..cry the hell out, take your time and jump back to where you had stopped for the plot must move on.

 6.Embracing The Odds

Often the circumstances that we meet in our lives don’t come in our favour. Some are harsh and you can’t simply change that. What can you do then? You simply embrace it!

Even being the Messiah for the patients and staff, Munna can never be a certified doctor. So what, he simply embraces the fact and does his pseudo-curing therapy (the jhappi therapy)

Rancho though carries the sharpest mind in ICE, he cannot deny the fact that he’s actually here to get a fake certificate. He accepts that he still carries the servant’s son stamp!

PK clearly understands that he is innocent but the world remains unfair to him. So he simply embraces the fact that you can’t switch principles of each religion, can’t touch women and no one can direct him to God directly!

 7.Courage To Question The World

This one’s my absolute favourite. The Hirani characters carry this trait as their gem- the ability to muster courage and to question things that doubt, interest and disturb them. Munna can’t stand the sight when the paralyzed Anand Bhai is treated ill by his professor. The fresher Rancho breaks the ice when he asks the ‘pencil’ question that baffles the principal. P.K arranges a set of people of different people to pinpoint the fault in guruji’s ‘God call’ phenomenon.


 This world is you have the whole right to question and know it the best way you can.  Whenever you see a door of opportunity, brace yourselves and go. If you don’t atleast knock it so that you get to know what’s there beyond the door…the choice will still be yours!



Next time when you will be watching a Hirani film, just think of these 7 principles… just to get the better clarity.


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  1. Omg this’s soooo good I mean how differently you figured it out bro that’s really a great job if I had a contact with Mr hirani I would have shown this to him
    Keep writing more and more
    God bless you bro

    1. Thanks shreyoshi. Glad our articles could influence you so much. Stay tuned for further articles!

  2. usual.. Ur concepts… The way u observed the things is totally different….i meant from the story of “what is the bus no” to this decoding the hirani characters” it’s always change my perception…..and your skills means …yr even i can take interest while reading who is uninterested in redding … the end i will just say…just keep it up..bro…beqs “tu koi aur hain”

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