As I grew older with laughs and scars, both of them awakened my soul. I learnt a lot from mistakes and experiences, heard a lot from silver hair and dear. I decided to earn for life.

Earning starts at an early age


When I was a child, my only dream was to have a land where trees grow chocolates, rivers of ice-cream, fairies and toys around me. All I wanted was attention from everyone. Innocence was my skill to earn love and a sweet talk was my tool to convince my parents. All I earned at that stage was innocence, fearless giggles, affection, true love (parents) and memories for life.

Earning at growing and further going age

In this stage I learnt about life, this stage brings some heartbreaks, struggle and painful memories with a hard copy of sweet and lovely memories. I learnt to help others who really needed at their bad time and to make assets from minimum resources. This stage taught me that how to stay happy when you have nothing and earn everything from nothing. I earned some good friends for life and earned some enemies when I got everything.  I learnt to cry in nights to hide my emotions and tears in dark. True earnings earned in this stage were “money” earned from unstoppable cries and invisible fights, “friends” earned with good intentions and unbreakable promises, family (always there with me to motivate and cheer), an experience from so-called loved ones and failures. The biggest asset I earned for my whole life and the bad time was BLESSINGS.

Returns at Wheel Chair Age


Invest wisely. These are valuable assets that will take care of you until your last goodbye. It depends on you whether to invest wisely or to waste most valuable phase of life. Your earnings will help you to survive in your wheelchair age.

-When you need care, unknown hands will raise for you.

The Money you earned from honesty and hard work will never let you down.

Smile you gave to others will be back to you in the form of laughter.

Loyalty towards your partner will help you throughout your journey.

Good deeds will help people to remember you at every stage.

Lovely memories you earned will cherish your heart till the last breath.


“Earnings for a lifetime are like the belief in which a bottle travels in a vast ocean, faces many problems, enjoys beautiful moments in the blue. Still have faith, patience and courage to struggle. Have faith in yourself like travelling bottle. You will get a reward for patience, struggle and compassion.”

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