Every Galactic Element Defines Our Life…

 One day I was sleeping. The night was calm, the sky was clear with numerous stars hanging in the sky, in the moonless dark night. The air blew making a clustering noise of leaves with the wind blew making slight but scary noises. I was lost in the bizarre dream, scary but interesting. I was in the midst of the solar system observing various galactic bodies, the meteorites, the stars, the sun, and the dense dark surrounding, with various celestial bodies.

     I enjoyed every moment I have been there observing the galactic patterns, observing the planets by being closer to them. Suddenly, when I was enjoying the sight a meteorite was marking its way in my direction. It was rapidly approaching me as if someone has shot it in my direction. The meteorite was wrapped in the green flames. It appeared as if a fireball was approaching in my direction. Then suddenly, I heard a loud explosion.

Now, this was from the bright star “SUN”.

A red fireball emerged from the explosion and seized its place forming an orbit around its periphery. But, the meteorite was approaching in my direction fiercely. It scared me and treacherous thoughts rushed through my mind.

The meteorite was closer to me and was about to smack me when suddenly, I closed my eyes, stretched my hands and yelled at the top of my voice. An invisible layer enveloped me and teleported me away from the path of the meteorite and the large explosion shook me. The meteorite has collided on the planet and destroyed it completely. Nothing was left except the wrecked solid particles of the planet, the atmosphere was destroyed, the evolution has come to halt, and the large body was left with nothing but scattered dust particles.

     On the other hand, the red fireball developed due to the explosion of the sun started revolving around the sun in its orbit. The body started cooling down because it was located at several distances away from the sun where the atmosphere was cool. Soon after moments, the body cooled down forming a solid surface and an atmospheric layer which further assisted life forms. 

     What is the conclusion from the dream? Why did I narrate this dream?
You may be wondering. This dream has a deep meaning. This solar system, the sun and the meteorite define our daily life and the people we live around in our daily lives. Some people are like the Sun, the people who have something to learn from if we consider the positive side of these people. Some people are like a meteorite who come to you, be with you and one day they will wreck you, and the darkness in this solar system is the dark truth, the negativity. The solar system defines the world which is a combination of negativity and positivity.

     The solar system consists of both elements, negatives and positives. The sun assists the life form on the earth, It provides warmth on the earth and maintains the required temperature. But is sun totally positive source? No… along with the warm rays it transmits on the earth it also transmits ultraviolet rays which may wreck the life forms on earth due to various infections and cancers. But the atmospheric gases and the atmosphere of the earth has the tendency to eliminate this harmful rays and only consume positive from what we are delivered from the sun. This is what we should learn from the sun. Everything and every element in this solar system are neutral, that means every element on this earth has positive as well as negative side. But what we consume defines our life. If we consume positive we survive and if we consume negative we are wrecked.

          The meteorites are the people who are on the mission to destroy everyone, these are people who are jealous of everyone, everyone’s achievements. These type of people will attack you suddenly when you are weak with and with the full force they will try to destroy you. It’s not the fault of the people but it’s the fault of the programming, the way they have coded their mind. Success lies in a win-win situation and not in win-lose. These people think like destroying someone else will develop and evolve their way of living.

But is it really true?


If these people try to leave you, let them live. These type of people will give you a warning bell before they do anything and when you grasp that you have danger from these people mark your way away from these people, let them leave because these people will one day keep no stones unturned to destroy you. Leave them alone even if you are alone because life is a lone quest and focus on your positive side.

      The darkness in the solar system defines the negativity that we are surrounded in. Jealousy, envy and hatred are like the darkness. Once we are surrounded by darkness we have no sense of how to behave and what to do? Once you are surrounded by darkness try to get out of darkness by following the rays of the positive source, “The Sun”. But when we are surrounded with negativity and darkness we are provided with positive source as well, “The Light”. Love, faith, and happiness are the positive source that defines light. These emotions will help you get out of the darkness and in marking your way to success. Focus on the positive side and one day you would defeat entire negativity and would mark the way to positivity which will let you out of darkness.     

Pratik Bhamre is the author of the book Mytho-Mystery series. He has got a break with his debut novel "The rise of Kalchakra" which is the book one of Mytho-Mystery series. He is an engineer by profession and currently, a student who wants to make his passion for writing as a profession. He has decided to inspire millions of young souls to live their dream. He has written this series to develop the interest for reading in the minds of people.

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