In The Silent Dark World…

The world around me has gone silent and I could sense nothing but lying alone in the dark, no one around me, and the silence was as if it was comforting me from all the bitter experiences. Something was about to happen but I don’t know what? I have never experienced the silence like this before, maybe this was the warning that something was about to happen, something worst… or maybe, something great… I don’t know. My eyes opened suddenly and I observed nothing but the darkness that surrounded me. I was hardly able to see anything.

I felt like I was lost in the darkness.

My body was aching, and the tears which solidified on my face made my face feel sticky. I tried to get up at once but I wasn’t able to. My body was undergoing unbearable pain. I tried and with hard and tough efforts I managed to get up on my feet. I turned back and forth to find the hint to escape this darkness but I guess there was none. And then…

I saw a blurry figure standing before me. It appeared like an old woman who stood calm and the grey slight gleaming outline enveloped her body, her face was hardly visible but I could guess with her body posture that she was pretty old. She was leaning by her stick; I could see nothing but the blurry gleaming outline enveloping her body. I tried to ask her the name of this place.

Where was I?

But soon I realized that my throat was heavy and it was hard for me to utter even a single word. I tried to yell but it made my throat pain, and I rubbed my throat hard to get rid of it. And then, with a lot of efforts, I yelled, ‘Hello! Hellooo! Helllloooo!’ the voice echoed several times. ‘May- I-I know where am I?’ I yelled at the top of my voice. I could hear nothing but my voice reflecting back again at me. ‘Please… please… please… Answer me… answer…’ my voice echoed again.

I had goosebumps on my body and my body was shaking with fear. The figure appeared horrifying and it has to be because the entire surrounding was dark and I could see her in this dense black darkness, ‘who is she?’ I thought. I tried moving but I felt like my feet were planted beneath the soil. I cannot make a move and I felt as if my body was paralyzed. The very next moment the old woman was an inch away from me. I was horrified and I felt cold shivers running through my body. My heart was beating intensely as if it would burst out of my chest with fear.

I was huffing intensely and in a fearful voice, I yelled, ‘Who are you? Where am I? Someone, please get me out of this world. Please…’ I pleaded.

I felt fearful surrounded with wickedness from all the direction and the old woman revealed her face. ‘NOOO… NO… NOOOOO…’ I yelled. My legs were shaking and my throat has become heavy with fear that I wasn’t able to utter a single word. I could do nothing but huff, the sweat beads were formed on my forehead and the cold shivers were shaking my body. She was terrible. I wanted to run from the sight but I couldn’t. Some invisible powers restricted my actions and I have lost my courage. Cowardice has consumed me. ‘Maybe this is the last moment of my life,’ I whispered. I was uttering some mantras but they were of no help to me.

And then… something terrible and horrifying occurred.

The old woman raised her ghastly palm and directed it in the direction of my neck. Her fingers were sickening long and thin, scary and long nails on her fingers, dirty and rotten, the skin appeared burnt with the layers of burnt skin wrapped on her outer skin. Her teeth were black and her burnt face appeared horrifying and suddenly she yelled exposing her long and grisly teeth. I felt like my heart would suddenly burst out of my chest and soon my body would lie motionless on the ground dead.

Then suddenly I woke up huffing and I felt the same feeling again. The sweat beads formed on my forehead rolled down and my hands were still shaking. The thought has suddenly traumatized me. ‘Thank God! It was just a dream,’ I whispered to myself. I went to the kitchen and gulped the large sip of water steadying my nerves. I rubbed the sweat accumulated on my forehead and sat for some moments to calm my mind of these threatening thoughts. The time was almost half past two in the morning and I still felt dozy. My eyes had become heavy so I decided to sleep. I went to my bedroom and slept as soon as I closed my eyelids.

The world went dark again.


Pratik Bhamre is the author of the book Mytho-Mystery series. He has got a break with his debut novel "The rise of Kalchakra" which is the book one of Mytho-Mystery series. He is an engineer by profession and currently, a student who wants to make his passion for writing as a profession. He has decided to inspire millions of young souls to live their dream. He has written this series to develop the interest for reading in the minds of people.

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