Is Progress Becoming in Means of Regress?

It seems to be very negative, right? 


But do not worry it’s not. It’s all up to our perspective whether something is positive or not, whether beneficial or not, or whether useful or not. Our oldies say that today’s youngsters, we, are not like they were before. (Quite obvious) It’s true that we are having something that it was more difficult to have in the previous years – education. Several countries around the world ask that all children are obliged to attend school till 16 years old. Many agree others do not. I am coming from an island-nation that not just request our attendance but even offer free education to all; so that’s why that many agree about the obligation of education. (Even if I used to attend private schools)

As time is passing by,

I am meeting parents that would prefer if education is not obligatory. In these last 50 years, the world has seen several revolutions: in technology, in daily life, industry, work placements, social life, types of family, types of parenthood, sexual orientations, gender equality and mostly, laws! I must say that this is all in fond of progress, but what is going on now, seems to be exaggerated! Several governments and countries are becoming hyperbolic and are working on updating and incoming laws without giving a peak to the fundamental success of the humanity: EDUCATION.

These laws which the citizens are demanded to abide are not aware or educated about them. Liberals argue that it is impossible to educate about everything. Functionalists do not agree. They state that being in a modern era, it is easier to educate people today, more than ever, since the world is connected via the internet, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, radio stations, television channels and more. Soap operas, movies, and series are a good way of education. We have seen series like “The Fosters”, same-sex parents who hold a good number of children and such family closeness.

So what’s the issue of these parents who do not prefer sending their children to school and teach them themselves at home?

Some say that they do not allow that their children would be in class with other children who have different beliefs or disability – a crucial thing which, with no regrets, I condemn all the way and can never agree. But others prefer to teach their children because such schools do not hold the same principles as the family is based on. Well, they have every right but I think that it will not be beneficial for the children from when they grow up they will meet different people around the world, whom they have to respect!

And that’s the keyword which needs to be reinforced in any situation: at home, school, at work, in politics, literature, on tv shows – RESPECT.

Respect is the very first education that one must learn which should be held in the lifetime.
Heey! I am Luke Vella, 18 years young of age! I am from a little sunny island called Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea and the smallest country which operates well in the European Union. This year, Malta is the Country President of Europe and our Capital City, Valletta is the Cultural Capital City of Malta. I know this should be a biography, but this is part of what makes me and us as a global nation - patriotism.I am such a family-oriented person, and open to new and innovative ideas. I am studying Bachelor of Honours in Maltese and Linguistics (it sucks) at the University of Malta. I like meeting new people and hanging out. My day would not be made if I do not meet my friends. I play the guitar and sing as well. Since being so young, I have always had positions of trust in several foundations and groups, which made me the person I am today. I am an easy talker, so I make friends easily and I hope that you, as readers, feel comfortable enough to comment, criticise and even contact me.

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