6:35, John’s cafe

Things are not going well…and this time I’m really sure about that!

This..this was not meant between us…I had never expected things would turn out like this..the more we discuss on this..the worst it becomes.


We had decided to meet today at the John’s Café at 6:30 in the evening. It was well devised…I mean a time that was mutually affirmative for both of us. She’s would leave her software classes by 6:15 and then would arrive at the café with a fair walking distance. Meanwhile, I could leave my classes at 6 and then come down with 30 minutes to spare.


Huh..turns out that she won’t be able to come as she’s going for her friend’s birthday party. And I’m waiting for her in the café reading this crap. I don’t know what to do next..there’s this feeling of angst building up in know a blow to me..that certain feeling when someone stacks up your level low in their priority list. And to add the fuel in the fire, why the fuck she didn’t have the least courtesy to call me and say it. No no boy…you can’t stop me this time…I am not feeling regretted to use the word fuck here. This situation DEMANDS it! It isn’t the first time that she’s been doing this.


The same thing happened at the mall…while waiting for her for two hours. She didn’t show up for the film…I tore the tickets and went home that day. Then that day at Karanja road..when she had called me to pick her up from her boutique place..and when I had reached there she calls me after a couple of minutes saying ‘Sorry Jojo, Arvind came across while I was waiting for you. He offered me a lift.  I have reached home already.’ And by the way…that Arvind..that son of a bitch is going to get beaten one day very severly!


Things are clearing up a bit I guess..I am not getting the love that I offer to her. What does she think of herself…just because that of our college had dated her once, doesn’t mean she’s some queen or something. Milind had been warning me for weeks. I believe he’s is correct now. He can never go wrong….he can’t.


7:30, Varun’s home

‘You better end the things with her..she’s a bitch anyways!’ Varun shouted out loud as the speaker boomed with Eminem songs. Varun usually didn’t take interest in love matters but here he was suggesting something to me..that had to be highly noted from him.

‘But…I need to talk with her first!’ I said.

‘Cut the crap man…why to talk to the girl who doesn’t have the time for it?’ Milind said as he shot the mini basketball into the net. It made a smooth entry. He was talking actual sense!

‘What you guys want me to do?’ I puffed out my breath in frustration.

‘Just end it…simple.’ Milind shrugged.

There was some uneasiness in me as he said that…the song was booming right into my eardrums. Somehow the rap was boosting me up to do the thing…like Eminem was cursing with his words to fucking do it.

‘What are you thinking man, do it!’ Varun said and went back to his doodle sketching.

I chewed my lips in fear…something was holding me back. Though there were problems in my relationship this love was special for me. I couldn’t just simply let it go like that. But for a split second, I brought my mind back to the reality and made it understand that what was correct for me.

I called her up. Milind looked at me while Varun partially focused his attention on his drawing.

‘Hey, Jo, where are you?’

‘Megha..its over.’


‘I’m done with you bitch!’

‘Huh..what did you just say?”

‘I’m done with you bitch..that’s what I said!’

‘Who the hell you think you are to dump asshole..’

I stayed silent. Milind rolled his eyes over her cursing…Varun shook his head and almost laughed.

‘I….I’m Jojo.’ And cut the call.

Both looked at each other.

‘What the heck you did you just say?’ Milind raised from his resting position.

‘I…I didn’t know what else to say!’ I muttered and looked down my feet. Fuck my toe nails are so long!

‘That’s the worst ending call I have ever heard. God bless my ears…’ Milind said and slapped his temple.

‘Dude…cheap shot ending!’ Varun exclaimed and started to laugh out loud.

‘Anyways it’s over guys..isn’t it!’

‘You will not utter a word now…just fucking stay silent for some time.’ Milind slowly said and covered his ears in disbelief. I looked like a dumb guy to both of them.

‘You’re an antique piece man’ Varun patted over my shoulder and laughed again. Then out of nowhere, he turned around and got back to his work.


Ans yes….this was infact the worst breakup that anyone could have done!







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