I am a Lonestar,
I want to disguise myself
In the vastness of the sky.
Hide in the crowd of people,
Just like a star hides itself
Among millions of stars.

I am a Lonestar,
Want to stay with my loneliness.
Tired of this world’s hustle bustle,
Want to love my loneliness
And not the crowd.

I am a Lonestar,
What’s wrong in loneliness?
I don’t need people to speak to,
I can speak to my loneliness.

I am a Lonestar,
I love my loneliness.
I am a Lonestar,
I want to disguise myself!!!

I am an insomniac writer... Writing calms my nerves... Inksane ✍ A Professor by profession... Coffeephile ????and a Pluviophile ???? In a complicated relationship with my guitar... ????
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2 thoughts on “Lonestar

  1. Too good Namramita. Have become your fan. Whenever you are in Delhi or Gurgaon. Pls. don’t forget to inform me as I will love to meet you in person.

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