My Hair Colour Journey

They say,

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off” 

Hair Colour

From natural to burgundy to ash blonde highlights, I’ve invested a lot in my hair too.

black brown hair

My natural hair is black brown and glossy that’s why I never really thought of changing my hair colour for almost 20 years.

I could use any shampoo and it wouldn’t affect my hair at all.

I never used a conditioner either and I still had silky hair.

silky hair

But then I started having grey hair (which is in my genes). So, being a fashionista, I thought of changing my hair colour and cover my grey hair but I didn’t want a huge change in colour so I chose a less dramatic shade and dyed them BURGUNDY without cutdown!

It only used to give a burgundy shade in the sunlight, otherwise, there wasn’t really any difference.

burgundy hair

I lost a little bit of the shine my natural hair had but I was happy because I received so many compliments and most importantly I HAD to do SOMETHING to keep my grey hair covered.

hair style

Then after 1.5 years, I was bored with my constant Burgundy hair colour. One of my really close cousins was getting married and I knew I’m supposed to have some change in me. So, I thought of taking my hair to a whole new level by getting a dramatic hair dye.

My sister got her ash blonde highlights done and I was in love with it. So, I wanted the same hair too.

ash blonde

After a long session of almost 8 hours in the Tony n Guy Salon, I finally got my highlights done and honestly.

I loved the change in my hair!

blonde hair

Although, I’ve lost the natural glossy shine I had I can compromise on that for all these pretty hair colours that I love!

And my next target now is either Grey Balayage or Caramel Balayage!
And I’d surely share my experience with you guys once I get it done 🙂
Which one do you all like better? Let me know in the comments below 
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