My Saree My Story

The most versatile garment in the world, the six-yard-long beauty and the quintessential Indian costume, the saree, which for me, is itself a fashion statement.

Needless to say, it serves all, it suits all, irrespective of their body size, height, or skin colour. Women with beautiful curves can carry it as perfectly as women with slim figures. Different drapes of a saree do justice to different lengths of bodies. The brights, the pastels, the dark compliment the various colours of skin. It’s just about being comfortable in carrying it in your own skin.

Everybody is beautiful! Just love it, embrace it and style it!


The one thing that came to my mind when I held the saree that I received from Craftsvilla (a leading brand in ethnic apparel), was that I am so lucky that I’m getting to hold this saree. This amazing piece of garment isn’t just a piece of garment, its every Indian woman’s pride. And holding this lovely patterned saree my first thought was ‘Hey, this is something I can wear to the office!’ And the journey of styling it in my own semi-formal way commenced.





I styled this amazing patterned saree from Cratsvilla in a semi-formal way, as it should not be something restricted to ceremonial occasions like weddings and festivities. I wore it in dhoti style and draped it from a lower length to enhance the length of my body. Also, I paired it up with black brogues from Tamaris and accessorised the outfit using a black gallace belt for that semi-formal look.

I design. An architect by profession, and a fashion and style enthusiast by passion, and that is what defines me.

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