PIKU – A Character Sketch

Just a week back I caught myself watching the movie ‘Piku’ for the 5th time with eyes steadily focused on the screen watching out for any minute expressions delivered by the actors. This film somehow catches the same amount of enthusiasm in me the time I was watching it for the first time. Its no wonder why I named pet cockatiel too by that name!

          Deepika Padukone had delivered one of the best performances in her acting career so far portraying the character of this misunderstanding girl identity. But her unique behavioural traits are no less special to make anyone more curious. Here’s a list of her behavioural traits that makes her a wonderful person to catch up with…

1. The short-tempered perfectionist:

“My job is not to be good to people….my job is to bring out the best in them!’

– Steve Jobs

Piku is one of the types of people that demands for perfection over compassion; right from her job providing the best solutions and designs for her clients to the cab drivers to drive perfectly within the stipulated time. Her high expectation filled mentality always craves for absolute perfection and when she fails to see it her anger spot is triggered firing all the way irrespective of the person before her.

2. No fucking around me:

Trying to act smart around Piku…well you would get some cold sarcastic stares or mockings from her. She can’t stand over the strangers who want to interact with her and try impressing her with small acts or talks. Imran’s character had to face up such cold stares before she gelled up with him later. Though most of the time she prefers to sit mum over the silly or idiotic incidents around her once she senses she wants to react or have a good roast to throw upon she won’t go for a second thought.

3. Responsible:

With her mother’s early demise, her childhood had helped her up become a hammered iron piece. Her father had always been nurturing her not letting her remind of the ‘motherly absence’. She thus has been able to carry responsibilities easily in her life mainly dealing with her father’s health issues. Her upbringing was done in such a way that she could handle herself and her dear ones whatsoever might be the circumstances.

***It is to be taken greatly in account that any general person or stranger can only decode her above 3 traits. What follows next below is a secret dooraway to the real Piku…the way that only few are invited to!

4. The calm one:

Being actively focused throughout the time and responsible is not an easy job for anyone. Obviously, the mind needs to be freed from everything for a while….a break to live the moment. She has this amazing ability to be calm as well as coming back to her fiery avatar. Piku finds such secretive refreshing time in the books (that she could make a fort out of it) or times when she’s aware that there’s no major work left for her for the present time or finding happiness in other’s happiness or by simply meditating and going back to her nostalgia.\

5. Subconscious nostalgia person:

Though being a tough woman helps Piku face the world, memories are what completes her. Her early memories of her mother, her Kolkata times, her old home always has found an unexplainable solace in her heart. She has great concern for her relatives especially for her aunty (touch wood it’s same the other way too). She lets her father’s old songs brush up her childhood memories, a badminton game set refreshes her up which had stopped somewhere when her responsibilities paved in, the old city where her mother used to teach, where she roamed around and even remembering her grandfather had got a job at ITC and the whole family had shifted to home address ‘37, Virginia house, Chouragvi lane.’

6. Surprise Smiles:

Her face carries such a wonderful dimple smile yet is reserved only for only special people and for only private occasions. Her heart takes a long time to approve to be easy-going to people around…but when someone gets that green tick from her, he/she can meet up with a completely different version of Piku;.a fun, easygoing and a bubbly cheerful girl!

7. The Naïve culprit:

Someday when you might be just passing through her room and find her door opened partly, I would place a dare that you would find her doing some naive work or making childish faces. This is Piku’s private enjoyment that she does it completely absentminded. You could catch her dancing to some beats out of nowhere to playing with her hair or making pursed lips or simply smacking the torch edge to her mouth repetitively….those moments were really priceless to watch over and over the movie course! One could simply find it hard to see the shouting demon go timid as a mouse daydreaming and doing silly kinds of stuff!

8. The Inexpressive fear factor:

This is the last version that she would like to showcase to someone. The tougher she’s from outside, the weaker she’s from inside. Her father has been her everything since her childhood and the death signals of her father (over the movie) used to make her so dejected and still that she needed time to cope up with. One particular scene was when her father shouts that she doesn’t need to carry her father as a burden..he could take care of himself’ she was so dead speechless…the last words she wished to utter from her father’s mouth!

9 Priorities:

Though her father definitely doesn’t make an easygoing parent to look after in their old age Piku never has never gone through the thought of considering him as a burden for her. She believes that every parent needs the love and nurturing of their children after a certain age and that the children must do the same. Her love life has been a flop show handling her father’s silly constipation problems but for her her father has and will always be a top priority for her…as a 90 year kid to be looked after!So these were some of the noteworthy traits that I found in this character. Incase you might be finding some new ones….do add it in the comments below!

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