Prachi Kotecha

Prachi Kotecha

ToWrite is ToRhyme is ToMeditate..
To put-forth your feelings in a magical manner, which is a reflection of your soul, indeed!
Prachi Kotecha

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Namramita Atri Banerjee

I am an insomniac writer... Writing calms my nerves...
Inksane ✍
A Professor by profession...
Coffeephile ????and a Pluviophile ????
In a complicated relationship with my guitar... ????

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Shreya Chauhan

I am a student and I love to read ( voraciously).
I also like writing at which I am trying my hand right now !!

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Spring back into shape!

A major setback hit her life, All she saw was the knife.. Thinking about her father when she saw his face, She immediately had reduced her pace.. Nothing could she…

Gossamer Wings

I wish I had a Pair of gossamer wings, I would then fly high in the Fair cloudless sky in rings. I would drag myself From clueless to truth, I…


“Am I looking way too fat? Would you love me the same way even if I become hefty?” Bewildered she is.. Her constant queries like these makes him giggle.. She…

The Worth

“TheWorth” The 24hours long argument, Wondering if she gave him a mammoth punishment..? Some practical life-lessons are mandatory, For us to know “The Worth”, it’s necessary.. Difficult it was to…


Destiny Isn’t it funny, how it works “The Destiny”? Holding onto that perfect one, from so many..? Unexpected relationships that being with zero envy, Two hearts falling in love, Automatically..!!!…

Do I Have A Choice?

Do I have a choice? I asked myself. Where am I? Among an unknown crowd. Among many unknown faces, Few unfamiliar races. I wonder if I could But do I…

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