The Worth

“TheWorth” The 24hours long argument, Wondering if she gave him a mammoth punishment..? Some practical life-lessons are mandatory, For us to know “The Worth”, it’s necessary.. Difficult it was to keep him away, All she wanted was for him to stay.. The best part of the fight is when it ends, When everything apart from […]


As I grew older with laughs and scars, both of them awakened my soul. I learnt a lot from mistakes and experiences, heard a lot from silver hair and dear. I decided to earn for life. Earning starts at an early age                           […]

My First Mistake

I had read somewhere that once you start learning from your mistakes, they aren’t called mistakes anymore…. They turn into life lessons. Boy, do I have some lessons to impart to you people? I’ll tell you about my first love. I was 18, fresh out of school and thrusted into the college of medical science. […]

That Concept Called Love

Love has been around humans for centuries…some are blessed with it, some are confused, some are still bruised up and some have no idea about it! Apart from those adolescent shy ones to the happily-committed cases, there is still a huge chunk of the population that actually has no idea what is this weird conceptualization […]

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