The Worth

“TheWorth” The 24hours long argument, Wondering if she gave him a mammoth punishment..? Some practical life-lessons are mandatory, For us to know “The Worth”, it’s necessary.. Difficult it was to keep him away, All she wanted was for him to stay.. The best part of the fight is when it ends, When everything apart from […]

Continuous Search

They say “Life is what you make it” either dull or lit Mixed between happiness Sadness or madness It is still the life we have to live To its rightness of joy. doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or just a boy. Since it is a constant search day by day in dull moments, hoping […]

Laughing Faces

I find laughing faces everywhere. Some with contentment Some to hide their tears. Here and there laughter heard, The sound echoes in my ear. For I forgot what it sounds like, It’s been years I haven’t heard mine. Hatred and jealousy surrounded me, Which took my innocence away. Now it was the turn of love, […]

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