Continuous Search

They say “Life is what you make it” either dull or lit Mixed between happiness Sadness or madness It is still the life we have to live To its rightness of joy. doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or just a boy. Since it is a constant search day by day in dull moments, hoping […]

Sleep Forever

I want to sleep forever, To forget the pain. The pain that I embraced, But with no gain. You have shattered my heart, To the smallest bits. Your shadow still follows me, To the deepest pits. The empty space is still there, Where your love existed. But you played with my heart, Wristed and twisted. […]


With pain in her heart  And anger on her mind  She wanted to cry  But was up all night  “My daddy, my hero”  She believed all her life  But her world was in sorrow  When she saw that awful sight  Experiencing betrayal,  Without knowing what it meant  “Daddy you broke me!”she said  Where life’s cards […]

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