That’s The Way It Was

I had promised myself that I’d never fall for you. Best friends we were, everyone knew. It was that day, the day I don’t remember and yet I’d never forget. Sitting on the worn out classroom benches, pulling each other’s leg, laughing so hard at the jokes that mostly you cracked. I realised. It wasn’t […]

Laughing Faces

I find laughing faces everywhere. Some with contentment Some to hide their tears. Here and there laughter heard, The sound echoes in my ear. For I forgot what it sounds like, It’s been years I haven’t heard mine. Hatred and jealousy surrounded me, Which took my innocence away. Now it was the turn of love, […]


Bliss….  When, She’s constantly chasing, yelling and driving you nuts.. And, Ain’t listening to any of your ifs and buts.. She’s deeply in love with you and cares the most, Or else she wouldn’t give any damn, first and foremost..   When, She’s constantly worried about you, and asking you queries.. And, Treats you as […]


You complete me, beautifully and enchantingly, like fragrance to the flower. Like light to the star. Bound together, in this perfectly composed mess, in such a way, that without the other, one would always be less. Share With Us Your Story

How it feels….

Do you know how it feels? When you are travelling for your job, And you feel a hand, touching you, creeping on you, You freeze in terror, body going stiff, mind blank, And in that instant, you don’t know what to do… Do you know how it feels? When you are in your bedroom, Sleeping, […]

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