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That’s The Way It Was

I had promised myself that I’d never fall for you.
Best friends we were, everyone knew.

It was that day, the day I don’t remember and yet I’d never forget.
Sitting on the worn out classroom benches, pulling each other’s leg, laughing so hard at the jokes that mostly you cracked.

I realised.
It wasn’t sudden.
Not even gradual.
It was like the warmth that spreads through you with the first sip of tea on a cold winter night.
What a beautiful sight !!!!

I hadn’t felt so inherently blissful for ages it seemed.
It was like a breathtaking dream.

I listened to the arguments of my brain and the heart in the court with different stands.
I could almost see the heart with a hint of a smile and the brain sitting with its head in its hands.

As legend has it, some promises are made to be broken.
Some words just need to be spoken.
Some things meant to happen.
Some things against the brain’s laws
That’s the way it was.

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