The Right Path

It’s all right. It’s not a dead-end.

It’s a new beginning of something. It’s Monday after all and a brand new month too. There hasn’t been some serious driving force for you to motivate, but did you find it within your own self? No. You didn’t. So do that, do that now!

When you started you didn’t know anything, yet you took a leap of faith then now why are you falling into a trap of calculated risks and dead pie charts! They are great to look at but this is something you dreamed of. You quit your sleep, food, friends, parties, pretty much-lost love of your life too. Yet you stood by your dream. You all alone are the creator of it. So what, there is a major set back yet! So what you cannot find a way right now!

Sometimes it’s okay to not knowing the path. It’s okay to not knowing what to do next. Because that will bring back that thirst and that adrenaline in you again. And without knowing anything, in a moment all will be clear in front of you.


There will be different roads ahead of you. A choice is always hard. But it’s up to you how to make it easier. Walk on them a little and come back to point zero. Now take another road and walk again. See where your heart is leading you! Go forward on to a path your heart leads you. It might be radical or illogical but the same was the case the first time.

Have a heart in your path and go. All hurdles will clear up. All the answers will be found. Just for once most importantly have faith in you and have the courage to walk on the path your heart chose for you!

Success is inevitable after all!

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