You are not meant to be a Slave…

Ever noticed being surrounded by some mystical forces which drive you to follow your dreams? You hope to act in their direction, but then there you are confused about the results, whether you will fail or succeed. This feeling restricts your actions to follow your dreams, and you are trapped in the midst of your security and the dreams you aim to achieve.

This is where we are confused about whether to follow our dreams or let get pulled in the direction of flow where other wants us to go. This is when we lose control over ourselves due to lack of confidence and suddenly the third person controls our life and we act according to what he says rather face the challenges that comes by the way of our dreams. We become slaves to our condition and the slave to the lifestyle that smacks us each day with more tough challenges than we would have faced to follow our dreams.


Suddenly, you are dragged in by the opposite forces that force you to flow in their direction rather than where you want to flow. These opposite forces are none other than your fears, which obstruct you from following your dreams.


And then you are lost in the dense mystical forest you don’t know how to get out from, the wild treacherous forest where you face the dangers that would slash you off, cut you off and finally, you lose your existence.
To counter these dangers you become their slave, you act according to what they ask you to do and you are no longer the one you have dreamed of to be.

Lost like a raindrop in the ocean, you lose your identity and you are designated by the name of the ocean. The world hardly remembers you as a unique raindrop from the clouds who have made this large ocean sustain through the centuries. All the world remembers is the oceans, the gigantic water body which assists the formation of clouds and helps in serving the life cycle on the earth.
And when you figure out you are being dragged, that you are acting against your dreams, you try to follow your path to the goal again, where your challenge actually gets tough and uneasy. Some forces abruptly emerge from nowhere defining the problems in achievement and again your subconscious mind catches the feeling and starts thinking about the outcomes…


Some counter the hurdles, some fall off and some are struck totally in the hurdles getting no way of coming out and finally they are defeated being the slave of the destiny and blaming the destiny that it doesn’t want them to succeed and they get the way to the life, Busy and uninteresting which further leads to frustration and depression.

You are finally lost in the negative forces driven by the crowd and finally, you enter the more challenging tracks where the chances of success are almost none and this is when your Life is ruined, you are defeated by your own soul.
But the one who successfully counters the hurdle remains undefeated and enters the freshwaters where he has plenty of water to drink and sustain throughout his life.

Once he does this he is in the midst of the place where he has plenty to eat, drink and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Finally, he is the only one who has the courage to follow his dreams who has opted for not being a slave to the opposite destructive forces.

FINALLY, YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO BE A SLAVE… So follow your dreams, have the courage to counter the hurdles and then you enter the fresh waters where destiny provides everything for you to sustain throughout your life.


Pratik Bhamre is the author of the book Mytho-Mystery series. He has got a break with his debut novel "The rise of Kalchakra" which is the book one of Mytho-Mystery series. He is an engineer by profession and currently, a student who wants to make his passion for writing as a profession. He has decided to inspire millions of young souls to live their dream. He has written this series to develop the interest for reading in the minds of people.

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